Feline-friendly community

Bobette Moore and her husband Gary Caulfield
are owners ob Bobette's Takeout in Milford.
The city gave them a cat crossing sign at their request
because of the number of stray cats that live behind their restaurant.

Need to help others extends to cats

By Julia Cooper
Register Correspondent

MILFORD City residents and business owners Gary Caulfield and Bobette Moore are serious about helping the less fortunate, male or female, human or feline.

Their penchant for felines shows up loud and clear in a sign prominently posted near their business, Bobette's Takeout, at 93 Boston Post Road on the corner of Erna Avenue.

The sign says: "Cat Crossing."

The sign is on Erna Avenue thanks to one of their customers, resident Bruce Kolwicz, who also happens to be the director of the city Public Works Department.

"We used to get cats that would cross the street and a few got hit," said Caulfield. "I think the sign has definitely helped with awareness." he said.

"People have slowed down. We haven't had one cat get hit since the sign's been up."

"I see people drive by and stop a lot," added Moore. "They're amazed, but the sign does work."

Though the sign has been up for several years, it has recently drawn notice as Caulfield and Moore launched a new project to help people.

The proceeds from the sale of their new butternut bisque, along with T-shirts and reminder bracelets, in February will go to the Beth-El Center for the homeless.

In recognition of the work of Caulfield, Moore and their employees, mayor James Richetelli Jr. even recently declared February "Butternut Buddies Month."

While the cats are not likely to be interested in soup, Caulfield and Moore have fed cats in the area, and Caulfield said he even took one of the stray cats into his home.

Behind the store they also built what Caulfield calls a "cat condo," a small, insulated structure with a roof for strays to come in from the cold.

The pair also works with Milford Animal Control facility, the Animal Clinic of Milford and Purr-fect Pets store to spray and neuter cats, and posts signs in the restaurant for customers who might be interested in adopting the rescued cats.

"Feral cats are a problem around the world," said Caulfield.

We offer them food and shelter and give them a second chance."

Caulfield and Moore maintain their cat activism is just a small step in the grand scheme of things. "We can only do what we can do," Caulfield said.

"The problem is so much bigger than just taking in a few cats. I just can't stand to see anyone or anything go hungry," said Moore.

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